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Simple PHP Blog
E' del 28 c.m. la notizia dell' uscita di una nuova release di Simple PHP Blog che fissa un possibile bug nel file sb_feed.php e aggiunge alcuni piccoli aggiornamenti, ma niente altro. In sintesi:
- Fix alternate port usage (other than 80)
- Simplified Chinese 0.4.6 translation
- Italian 0.4.6 translation
- Possible fix for sb_feed.php line 244 error
- Allow for theme writers to lock colors used.
- New "Slick" theme - supports dynamic width and color locking.
- Danish translation
- Removed warning in gethostbyaddr call (Guti)
- Improved GetIP by also checking the preferred $_SERVER array (Guti)
- Added IP and useragent also in comments [Ed: Shows when the comment is emailed to the administrative email] (Guti)
- Updated spanish translation (Guti)
- Added translation strings to email comment sending (Guti)
- Added Bulgarian Translation thanks to Lusinda
- Fixed most png file corruption
- Select component in add_block.php has null errors fixed
- The sizing of images (if entered using the IMG button) is being ignored has been fixed

Se qualcuno ha occasione di testare la release quì c'è la prima versione della traduzione (compreso il file .diff):
http://spbitalia.altervista.org/risorse ... _alpha.zip

Come al solito eventuali commenti (quì o sul forum) sono ben accetti!

pppBLOG 0.3.3
Il buon Jörg continua dritto con il suo pppBLOG, basato su Simple PHP Blog, che giunge alla versione 0.3.3 con queste features:
- gallery removed subdirectory and scripts moved to scripts/
- standard header and footer in all pages
- new style in photo gallery (thumbnails for navigation)
- feed2js added to the package
(thanks to their developers)
- integrated the feed-reader into pppBLOG (can be used in side menu and blog entries)

Potete scaricare il pacchetto dai mirror di SourceForge:

Fix dell' ultimo minuto:
upload_photo fix v 0.3.3

Simple PHP Blog
Finalmente rilasciata una nuova release di Simple PHP Blog che giunge alla versione 0.4.6 con queste novità:
- Removed email address from feeds.
- Ability to turn off calendar
- New Theme Feature: Related Link - this is an outside page referred to by the blog entry.
- Ability to pick the first day of the week for the calendar.
- Minor translation fixes/additions
- Cross Site Vulnerability fixes (misc data scrubbing)
- Modern/Default theme Fix: Days with entries now show as bold again.
- Changed zh_Chinese language from zh_TW to zh_TW.UTF-8 per Jung-Ming Wang
- Fixed MD5 and Blowfish encryption detection per Rafael Rivera
- Extended theme support in all screens
- Ability to turn off cacheing (solves some issues on some servers)
- Added error pages
- Fortified the Contact Me pages even more - will not work without cookies enabled, if errors out, goes to an error page, not blank page.
- Added user agent and ip address to contact me information emailed to the authors address.
- Implemented new dutch translation (0.4.5) by Jan Normann Nielsen
- New optional permalink display
- New optional title text (at top of page) display
- Corrupted PNG files
- Guti's charset fix
- version number updated properly

La localizzazione in italiano sarà presto pronta!
Versione Alpha della traduzione:
http://spbitalia.altervista.org/forum/v ... php?id=185

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