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blog ¦ drudo (-rw-r--r--) - pppBLOG 0.3.3
pppBLOG 0.3.3
Il buon Jörg continua dritto con il suo pppBLOG, basato su Simple PHP Blog, che giunge alla versione 0.3.3 con queste features:
- gallery removed subdirectory and scripts moved to scripts/
- standard header and footer in all pages
- new style in photo gallery (thumbnails for navigation)
- feed2js added to the package
(thanks to their developers)
- integrated the feed-reader into pppBLOG (can be used in side menu and blog entries)

Potete scaricare il pacchetto dai mirror di SourceForge:

Fix dell' ultimo minuto:
upload_photo fix v 0.3.3

Simple PHP Blog
Finalmente rilasciata una nuova release di Simple PHP Blog che giunge alla versione 0.4.6 con queste novità:
- Removed email address from feeds.
- Ability to turn off calendar
- New Theme Feature: Related Link - this is an outside page referred to by the blog entry.
- Ability to pick the first day of the week for the calendar.
- Minor translation fixes/additions
- Cross Site Vulnerability fixes (misc data scrubbing)
- Modern/Default theme Fix: Days with entries now show as bold again.
- Changed zh_Chinese language from zh_TW to zh_TW.UTF-8 per Jung-Ming Wang
- Fixed MD5 and Blowfish encryption detection per Rafael Rivera
- Extended theme support in all screens
- Ability to turn off cacheing (solves some issues on some servers)
- Added error pages
- Fortified the Contact Me pages even more - will not work without cookies enabled, if errors out, goes to an error page, not blank page.
- Added user agent and ip address to contact me information emailed to the authors address.
- Implemented new dutch translation (0.4.5) by Jan Normann Nielsen
- New optional permalink display
- New optional title text (at top of page) display
- Corrupted PNG files
- Guti's charset fix
- version number updated properly

La localizzazione in italiano sarà presto pronta!
Versione Alpha della traduzione:
http://spbitalia.altervista.org/forum/v ... php?id=185

Un po' di hack per il nostro blog
La nostra Hydra (utente di SPBItalia) ci ha scritto quattro utili hack per il nostro Simple PHP Blog:

- Aggiungere blocco orologio analogico
- Archivio Notizie Tree
- Blocchi Contatore/User online
- Edit CSS online

Per altri hack, e non solo, potete visitare la sezione "How-to / Bug fix" del forum.

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